Year-Long Hard Copy Preorder

Year-Long Hard Copy Preorder

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One Grit City Magazine hard copy just not enough for you?

Know yourself well enough to anticipate you'll forget to order on time and then be super sad you missed out?

Here's the year-long order you've been looking for.

This purchase includes four printed magazines* that will be released quarterly. The first one you'll receive is due out in late fall 2018, then we'll send you winter 2019. Go ahead a place a bet on the next two after that being spring and summer 2019.

When the prints are ready we'll hold a pickup event or two so those of you who want to come say hello and get your copy ASAP can do so. Any not picked up in a day or two will get popped in the mail.

*It won't be just the magazines. We're sticking with the idea of including a Tacoma-themed art print with each edition. You can bet they'll be done by a local artist and be pretty damn cool.

Ready to help us keep the lights on and have some rad stuff headed your way? Pop this item in your online cart, complete the checkout details, and you'll be good to go!

Thanks so much for the support. It's much appreciated.